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Music/Entertainment Journalist

Based in the greatest city on earth (New York!),
I have managed to make a nice name for myself as a prolific and respected freelance online music journalist.

My current areas of specialty are in rock: classic, modern and alternative, as well as pop, indie, hip hop/urban/R&B and neo-classic soul.

I am affiliated with several online music sources (my work has appeared on sites and portals such as --
Extreme Online Music Magazine;;
All Music Guide;;
Slant; Stylus;;;; (formerly;
Addicted to Noise; Preamp Online; Rock n Rap Confidential;; --
and I am qualified for reviewing your music, or interviewing your band.

Whether you are an artist, a music label, or a musician rep and have a desire to obtain an online review (or interview), contact me for details using the email link below
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I am likewise available for freelance/contract assignments
that can benefit your publication by adding a fresh, knowledgeable, and unique perspective to your editorial content.

CONTACT ME, using the email link provided below.

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KNACKER interview (Noise Pop-Punk with melody!)


THE COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE-rockin' from Reading UK

Maverick's BEN JELEN- exclusive interview (2004)

My Morning Jacket Interview (2003)

Band Biography (DOWNSTAGE)..check it out!

REVIEW: Rancid "Indestructible" (Slant, 9/03)

REVIEW: John Mayer "Heavier Things" (Slant, 9/03)

CHRIS RYAN And THE NOISE.interview..(Loud Rock n Groove)


THE HYPERTONICS..Interview (NYC conscious rock)

ORANGE BEAUTIES..NYC Indie rock..Band Profile

LIFEHOUSE "Stanley Climbfall" review (Stylus, 11/02)

PRETENDERS "Loose Screw" Stylus Magazine review

Lisa Loeb- An Intimate Evening LIVE (Nov. '02)

PLASTIC EATERS..Interview (NY/Philly Techno-Punk)

PLASTIC EATERS EP review (punk rock)Stylus Mag. Nov.'02

OKGo debut disc review (Slant Magazine Nov. '02)

5 Questions w/OKGo's Damian Kulash (Slant Magazine, Nov.'02)

"NEW"..MatchBox Twenty review "More Than You Think You Are" (Nov. '02)

Terry Christopher TAKE ANOTHER LOOK (Stylus Magazine)

John Mayer ROOM FOR (Stylus Magazine)

Sondre Lerche (All Music Guide Biography)

Sing-Sing "Joy of Sing-Sing" review (Stylus Magazine, Oct. 2002)

The Perms "CLARK DRIVE" review (Stylus Magazine..Sept. '02)

BECK "Sea Change" (SlantMagazine, Sept.'02)

SONDRE LERCHE "Faces Down" REVIEW (SlantMagazine Sept.'02)

Sondre Lerche INTERVIEW (Slant Magazine)

Carissa's Wierd "Songs About Leaving" (Review-Aug. '02)

TWINEMEN...debut review on All Music Guide (7/02)

McKenzie Burns Productions, R&B/Soul LABEL PROFILE

LIVE SHOW review- Allison Scola, NYC, Dec. 2001

FEATURE ARTICLE: CMJ Marathon- Oct. 2001

LIVE SHOW review- Better Days, NYC- Nov. 2001


REVIEW: BE Thistupidream (

Review of SOUL JUDGEMENT, International Reggae/Roots

Virginia-based Stationary Poets 'demo' review

REVIEW: Bliss 66 (

REVIEW: Katt Lowe & The Othersyde (AMZ-6/1/01)

REVIEW: Katt Lowe & The Othersyde (All Music Guide)

TASH Rap Life (Rap) ALL MUSIC GUIDE review

GIRLPOPE biography All Music Guide

GIRLPOPE Whole Scene Going-All Music Guide review

PLEASANT STITCH- All Music Guide review

suggested ALL MUSIC GUIDE searches:
Girlpope, Phoenix Stone, Tash,
Natalie Brown, Infamous Syndicate, Screwball, Black Rob,
Zyrah's Orange, Grade, Crazy Mary, Roxx,
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TRAIN- biography All Music Guide

REVIEW: Make It Nice (Johnny Wishbone)CD

Nathan Larson "Jealous God" (Artemis Records)

Acoustic Junction "Strange Days" (Omad)

LIVE DAILY- Review of Kittie "Spit" (Artemis Records)

David Andrews "Get Me Out Of This Place" (Padre Records)

*NEW ARTIST* Anger of the Lamb- An Interview with Brian James Snell

Aggro-Industrial Noise Rock, TESTIFY: AMZ Interview with Myk Jung

YOUNGBLOODZ-Against Da Grain-All Music Guide

Geggy Tah INTO THE OH ( Review)

REVIEW: Lo-Fi Indie Rock, heFashionedLove

ZYRAH'S ORANGE- All Music Guide biography

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ROXANNE BLANFORD - Music Reviews, Interviews, Features and More!
Roxanne Blanford, writer, publicist, entertainment reviewer, music critic, biographer, events reporter, advertising, sales proposals, marketing communications, business correspondence, contracts, agreements, facilitator, professional coordinator, generalist
Roxanne Blanford, music, publicist, reviewer, biographer, events reporter, CMJ, All Music Guide, marketing, interviews, rock, pop, soul, rap, business correspondence, sales, proposals, contracts